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Dubai Electricity and Water Authority achieve their fourth certification to the Investors in Excellence Standard

First assessed against the Investors in Excellence Standard in 2009, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) have featured in our hall of fame without interruption ever since. They were successfully re-certificated in 2011, 2013 and, most recently in September 2015.

DEWA employs a workforce of over 9,000 employees and every last one of them constantly endeavours to ensure that both the quantity and quality of the services provided are of the very highest standards, in terms of consistency as well as reliability. Within Dubai, more than one million customers (600,000+ for electricity and 500,000+ for water) depend upon DEWA every hour of the day and night, and DEWA is relentless in their pursuit of excellence to make certain they delight their customers from every moment to the next. As their website proudly proclaims:

“DEWA’s is an inspiring success story known for its efficiency and reliability in every facet of its operations. Constant planning and forecasting to meet the growing demands of the customer has always been DEWA’s well entrenched philosophy. Owing to this policy, the Authority has come a long way in serving the customers and thereby making its own contributions to the economic growth of Dubai.”

DEWA’s most recent re-certification to the Investors in Excellence Standard was awarded after a four-day assessment on site in Dubai – but first, a thorough review of feedback from previous assessments was undertaken and a site visit plan was carefully agreed with Mr Samy Mohamed Abdel Gawad . The visit itself involved an introduction to DEWA, meetings with a broad spectrum of staff, study of core business documents and a series of insightful presentations. In particular, the fascinating meetings with staff from across the organisation, at which DEWA’s journey to excellence was discussed, were alone well worth the actual journey to Dubai.

The task, over the four days on site in Dubai, was to assess if all aspects of the Investors in Excellence Standard were in place and to ascertain if significant improvement had indeed been achieved since the previous assessment. Throughout the assessment, DEWA’s integrated approach to strategy, planning, and deployment of a wide range of approaches, together with the Authority’s effective performance management, were both comprehensive and impressive. This, combined with dedicated and professional people at all levels of the organisation, made it easy to see the embedded commitment to excellence and all that it means for the entire organisation.

DEWA’s genuine commitment to achieving the organisation’s aims – expressed in the vision “A Sustainable World-Class Utility”, in the motto “For Generations to come”, and in the mission and values that support these – remains as clear as the water and as powerful as the electricity they supply to their truly delighted customers. Yes, they truly belong as excellence Ambassadors and they certainly made a lasting impression on Peter Hillman, the Investors in Excellence Assessor who undertook their reassessment:

“Carrying out the reassessment was rewarding and, as ever when working with excellent organisations, there were several opportunities for new learning for me. It was indeed a pleasure to be able to recommend DEWA for re-certification. I would like to thank everyone at DEWA for their time spent sharing their experiences and activities with me, and I wish them every success on what I am sure will be a rewarding journey of continuous improvement. Finally, many thanks to Samy for organising such a wide ranging, successful, and enlightening visit.”

To find out more about the Investors in Excellence Standard or our business improvements programmes call the team on +44 (0)121 746 3150 or complete our simple online form.

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