21 years of delivering excellence

December 28th, 2016

Thank you

21It’s thanks to you our customers that 2017 sees Investors in Excellence begin its 21st year in business. What Matters Most is at the very heart of IiE’s delivery, and diagnosing what will bring you success, centric to our exploration of your needs and paramount to underpinning how we embed excellence without exception – every day!

Moreover, it’s a key feature of high performing organisations the world over.

Our core focus is to help organisations excel

Our range of comprehensive business performance management tools and quality management training courses allow our customers to achieve success and growth in the areas that matter most to their organisation.

Investing in Excellence – the golden thread that runs through an organisation

We enable our clients to see the ‘big picture’ and help them to co-ordinate their improvement activities, focusing our expertise on the areas where it will have the greatest impact.

Our wide-ranging services can be used to address specific performance requirements as well as improve all-round performance and productivity.

We work across the UK and around the world using business improvement techniques and business performance management tools to deliver structured approaches supporting the continuous improvement activity of many leading organisations.

Our Services and Clients

Our diverse client base includes SMEs, public and private companies including many household names in energy, infrastructure and facilities management, local authorities, prisons, NHS organisations and those who want to excel. We work at home and abroad supporting the business improvement needs of all.

In addition, the IiE team of experts provides capacity to your business through performance management coaching, courses and capability as well as a range of quality management training aimed at reducing costs, increasing profits, improving efficiency; delivering greater customer satisfaction; improved team-working by motivating and engaging staff; delivering quantifiable financial returns; development of new strategies to support sustained growth.

Transferring Knowledge

Through workshops, toolkits, coaching, facilitation and certificating of your staff’s capability we transfer knowledge so your teams can deliver independently of external resource in the future. The expertise of the IiE Solutions Team is second to none; it covers a multitude of disciplines and cross-sectoral experience to bring projects and programmes to life with practical, pragmatic and value-adding consequences and we deliver on your own live examples.

The Investors in Excellence Standard (IiE Standard)

The Standard is the world’s only standard that covers all areas of an organisation, an internationally recognised quality management standard which will guide and drive sustainable improvement to deliver better services and increase profits through aligned, planned and measured activities. It provides a proven framework for achieving continuous improvement as well as on-going success and sustainability using tried and tested business improvement techniques.

The IiE Standard is a unique framework for improvement and assessment, providing any organisation with a roadmap to achieve high performance. – a great source of inspiration and motivation whilst instilling clarity and rigour.

Based on extensive research, the Standard combines the very best approaches to excellence enabling organisations to excel in the areas that matter most to the organisation, its customers, people and stakeholders. Covering all performance areas, the IiE Standard framework guides improved achievements through effective and efficient leadership, resourcing and delivery.

Its all-encompassing view of performance enables it to act as an umbrella to co-ordinate a range of programmes, large and small, with a sharp focus on key critical aspects to deliver value for money, on time and within budget, managing risks appropriately, delivering through efficient processes and embedding excellence throughout the whole organisation to achieve the What Matters Most.

Many of our customers have been with us since we began in 1996. Each year our approaches support the continuous improvement activity of hundreds of leading organisations across all sectors and across the world –The IiE team works with hundreds of private and public sector organisations, helping them develop a reputation for excellence and differentiate themselves in their marketplace, delivering excellence without exception every single day.

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